For Business owners and Inhouse HR

When dealing with people, there is no one size fits all and things rarely go according to a well laid out plan. 

That’s why I’m The People Navigator®, I navigate you through it all.

Together, we identify the right package of support and go from there. This way, you know what you’re getting and have access to the support you need. 

All services are delivered remotely. 

Client Only Bonus!

When you become a client, you also join The People Navigator® Client Community, an online membership where you benefit from all sorts of support and training accessible 24/7 as well as regular live online training events*

*your support package subscription determines what’s automatically included and is kept under review to ensure suitability

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Business Owners

Like most business owners, you probably don’t relish the unpredictability when it comes to people, so let me help you navigate it all. 

There is no set or defined road map for how people respond and react but with me by your side, it won’t feel so daunting.

A woman business owner who would be interested in HR Support Packages & Software from Cathy Doherty, The People Navigator

Get in touch to discuss which package best suits your needs

The Honeysuckle Package

This is most likely for you if you’re in the early years, seeking an HR support service from a trusted advisor, contracts and a time saving, cost effective, GDPR compliant system to help you manage your people. You may have a small team, happy with a light touch but reliable support to ensure you’re not making a rod for your own back.

The Jasmine Package

This is most likely for you if you’re an established business with more than five people. You recognise you all need an HR function providing HR solutions and support to manage your people without the expense of inhouse HR.

The Lilac Package

This is most likely for you if you’re growing and need to ensure that everyone in the organisation is working to achieve business objectives, performing at their best and need strong professional leadership. This is more involved and operates more like an HR Business Partnership model to help you manage and develop your people.

Breathe HR software & HR Support Packages provided by Cathy Doherty, The People Navigator

Each package includes BreatheHR, a very affordable, GDPR compliant, cloud-based HR system to reduce and streamline your HR admin. It includes a self service portal for your team which works on all devices, and will be fully implemented and supported by The People Navigator. 

This includes:

  • Application and recording of holidays.
  • Recording and reporting of sickness.
  • Recording, reporting and reminders for performance appraisal.
  • Recording of disciplinary and grievance processes.
  • Confidential secure storage to manage all HR records (in the one place!).
An in-house HR team who would be interested in HR Support Packages & Software from Cathy Doherty, The People Navigator

Inhouse HR/ People function

I provide support to inhouse HR/People function, whether that be someone tasked with it (willingly or not!) or to an inhouse People Professional who needs an extra pair of hands without hiring an additional headcount.

From the person tasked with people matters on top of their main profession to HR Directors, I’ve supported them all. The type of support is adapted to your needs and knowledge.

When supporting HR Directors/ Managers/ Business Partners from various industries,, I’m at a trusted level of seniority to know what needs done and get on with it. I’m that peace of mind, extra pair of hands.

e.g. additional pair of hands during a busy period, getting an HR Director’s project up and running for them to step in, carrying out reviews or research for restructures/ negotiations/ changes, coaching & training members of the HR team. Plus many more

If you’re not a People Professional, but tasked with the people agenda, I aim to grow you as well as making yours and everyone’s lives easier, in addition to delivering the specific support needed.

e.g. introducing technology which often begins with people management and then expands, always with the aim of improving processes and reducing admin! 

Before you know it, it’ll be next year and how will you feel if you haven’t made any progress? Let me help you.