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Managing business and workplace relationships is a combination of art, science, law (plus lots more), but it doesn’t need to fill you with dread and become unnecessarily complicated.

The art of weaving your way through nuanced situations without turning what had great potential into a gooey sticky mess, is a skill. However, it’s scary doing it alone and can seem easier to do nothing, which only means one thing, it festers.

Backed by three decades in business with two of those in HR, people, culture and employment law, my goal is to develop you, so you don’t make the mistakes I’ve seen so many times and you make better decisions.

It’s your business, your baby, you live it 24/7.

When you work with me, your confidence, competence, and capability will grow, as will those of any managers on your team.

My clients value that I see what others don’t and they can’t…

Growing up in a business owning household and surrounded by a community of diverse, locally owned enterprises, business has always been in my blood. My interest and curiosity were continuously encouraged and nurtured, shaping my passion for supporting business owners.

That experience provided me with a firsthand understanding of the real impact and stresses of being an employer, as well as how those pressures permeate and affect various aspects of life.

It is a privilege to be part of my family, where my parents have instilled in us the value of independent thinking and the importance of looking beyond the surface. They continue to teach us these and many others today.

Cathy Doherty smiling
Images of Cathy and her family - her parents, sister and dog

I have a brilliantly creative sister who faces both mental and physical health challenges and has taught me invaluable lessons. With her permission, I gladly share this knowledge, insight, and understanding with my clients. In an era of increasing openness about these issues, it’s common to feel out of your depth, but her experiences have equipped me to negotiate these situations with empathy and confidence.

Throughout my life, understanding people has been a strength I’ve continuously developed and refined. Over nearly two decades, I’ve shaped and nurtured people landscapes across various businesses and sectors in the UK and Ireland. This often involves helping leaders find their way through meaningful and impactful conversations.

My approach is personable, professional, pragmatic, and positive, brimming with possibilities. (So many Ps!) 

My gorgeous pup serves is a wellbeing ambassador, accompanying me almost everywhere. And yes, I’m also a cat person.

Cathy's gorgeous black dog