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A steady pair of hands  with a refreshing approach for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Does this sound like you?

You never seem to have the time to deal with matters but they're niggling at you

You’ve been terrified into inaction by employment law / your own baggage / HR

You overthink and overcomplicate matters because you have brilliant analytical skills = analysis paralysis

You’re after fresh thinking and creative solutions

You want to feel more connected but you’re not sure how to do it and come across as sincere

The Workplace Conversations Club | The People Navigator | Cathy Doherty

People, Culture & HR matters are a combination of art, science, law (plus lots more), although they don’t need to become complicated or legalistic

Would access to wise, experienced and insightful counsel be of value to you?

Would it make a difference if you knew how to handle almost any situation with confidence, without fear and with peace of mind.

What could you achieve if you had more time and energy to spend on growing and developing your business?


Strategy, Systems & Structure

Getting you closer to where you want to be


Overcome challenges, grow insight, skills and capability


One to One in a safe space - no filters, no judgement

We work together to establish which support package meets your needs

I’m just a call / email away

My aim is to make myself redundant...

Yes, you read that correctly… Success has always been about helping clients, like you, to need me less and less because…

Your ability to read and understand people dramatically increases

You act quicker with greater insight and confidence

You know that you have the right things in place - skills, systems, structure & strategy - and understand them

The Workplace Conversations Club | The People Navigator | Cathy Doherty
The Workplace Conversations Club | The People Navigator | Cathy Doherty

Align with an ethical brand that understands business and relationships

Explore in a safe space where values, integrity and inclusivity matter

Connect with a Consultant who wants you to learn and grow

Take the less painful route

What Others Say...

Cathy's experience and insight into people and how to connect through conversations has helped me to grow my confidence immensely. Not to mention avert a few potential disasters!
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Legal Services
Cathy's ability to intuit the details and grasp the situation quickly makes life so much easier. I've more peace of mind in my decision making - numbers are my thing, people... I'm still learning about!
coins, currency, investment-948603.jpg
Financial Services
It can be difficult to know how to get to know your people without overstepping the mark. Cathy's helped me navigate through it all. It's not as scary as I first thought but nobody teaches you any of this, except Cathy.
keyboard, hardware, computer-70506.jpg
IT Services
Cathy saved my business, from me! She saved me from making a wrong and poorly informed decision when I had a difficult employee. It could have cost me everything. She's a brilliant letter writer too!
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Trade Services

Hello! I'm Cathy Doherty

I grew up in business and am very much a business person who has specialised in People, Culture, HR and Employment Law. 

Every single client comments that I “just get it”.

I didn’t start off in this space but since moving into it, I have spent the last 20 years shaping and nurturing people landscapes in a variety of businesses and sectors in the UK and Ireland.

My approach is personable, professional, pragmatic and positive.

It’s about increasing your awareness of what you “could do” not telling you what you “should do” and keeping you right while growing your insight. (that wasn’t an intentional rhyme!).

I know I can make a difference, so get in touch for a no obligation exploratory intro call and let’s see how we might work together.

The People Navigator®

Please connect with me on LinkedIn where you can also pop me a message if you’d like to chat further

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